The 5 Yoga Poses that Will Help You Lose Weight

As a yoga instructor and strength coach, my job is to help athletes become stronger and healthier, and one of my favorite methods is using yoga to encourage continued health through consistent movement.

We all have times in our lives when we fall out of rhythm with training and exercise. Our weight fluctuates, and as we get older, it becomes harder to take the weight off and keep it off. A number of factors can contribute to a lack of exercise like work, travel, stress and the holidays. But through yoga, you can start to rebuild your fitness one pose at a time—and lose weight.

These five simple poses, linked together in a Vinyasa, will help you increase your heart rate and challenge your body. Start by learning the poses and then flow from one to another with a faster rhythm as you get more comfortable.

Descriptions and pictures for each pose are below. To complete the Vinyasa, do the following:

1. Start standing with your feet together. Exhale and fold forward.
2. Inhale into Half Lift, exhale and fold forward.
3. Inhale, step back to Plank and exhale through Chaturanga.
4. Inhale to come into Upward Facing Dog. Then, exhale to Downward Facing Dog.
5. Step your feet forward towards your hands, inhale into Half Lift, exhale and fold forward.
6. Inhale to stand all the way up. Then, repeat. 

Half Lift



Upward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog