How to use baking soda to lose weight

The baking soda is a chemical compound with properties to neutralize the acidic substances; it’s about the sodium salt of the carbonic acid, that is used also as food additive marked by E500 acronym. This substance in contact with water produce a slightly basic solution, with a pH of 8,6.

The baking soda is chemically synthesized at industry level, but it can be also extracted by some natural deposits, between which largest is the Green River basin in the U.S.A.

Slimming property of the baking soda

According to the latest guidelines, the baking soda can act such us slimming substance because helps the drainage of body fluids and the lipase (destruction of the adipose tissue).

It detoxifying activity is realized in different levels; In fact, from a side it helps the elimination of toxins that are excreted through the diuresis, from the other side encourage the metabolic processes.

Some tips to weight loss that involve the use of this substance:

– Combining a baking soda spoon with the juice of half a lemon and by mixing the compound in a glass of lukewarm water, you get a drink with a slightly acid taste to be consumed in the morning and in the evening, for at least two weeks. 

During this time, you can get noticeable results that are enhanced associating a low calories diet.

In fact, the reactions to catabolism (destruction) of lipids allows a mobilization of panniculus adiposus accumulated especially at level of glutes, waist, thighs and abdomen.

The diuretic power of baking soda enhances the elimination of excess fluids, by preventing the occurrence of oedematous problems or the fluid retention mainly in the sloping parts of the body, such as ankles and calves. 

To increase this activity is recommended drink a glass of mineral water with a spoon of baking soda in the morning, when you wake up, before starting the day.

To eliminate the cellulite deposits was confirmed really effective the use of baking soda in a lukewarm water with the grapefruit juice. In fact, the juice of this fruit enhances the diuretic activity of baking soda increasing the efficiency. The cellulite deposits decrease in some weeks, especially if it is done also a moderate physical activity.

– By mixing this compound with an apple vinegar spoon and pouring all in a cup of lukewarm water is realized an excellent detox drink that helps to burn the too many calories. The elimination of toxins helps to purify the body and accelerate the metabolism, with a noticeable slimming effect mainly visible in the critical areas.

– Taking a little bit of this compound before sit at table, you can see a noticeable decrease of the appetite produced by the high satiating power of the baking soda that, also in this case, is an excellent ally to keep fit.

All tips mentioned above must in any case be accompanied by a low calories diet, an appropriate physical activity and by a right lifestyle.