How to best clean the shower glass

For a perfect bathroom it is essential to clean the shower glass impeccably. With a few small tricks you can have shiny shower glass and above all you can achieve this with little effort.

If the bathroom is much more than just a room and is instead the place where, among other things, you want to find calm, relaxation and a feeling of well-being, it is logical that you want everything in that place to be pleasant and clean.

Sanitary fixtures are not difficult to keep clean using the appropriate products: they do not form halos, they do not attract limestone in an incredible way, but … the glass of the shower?

What catches your eye as soon as you enter the bathroom is the most difficult object to keep impeccable. However, we can make sure that it is practically invisible, adopting some ploy that allows us not to become slaves to its cleanliness.

Tips for cleaning shower glass soon and well

Beautiful because they give an idea of space and light, the transparent glass of the showers must have no trace of limescale or dirt, to be really pleasant. In practice, glass should not be seen.

To clean these surfaces in the best possible way, you can choose between two types of intervention: the one with specific products that are easily available on the market, using them with some particular device to obtain perfect results in a short time, or turning to natural products, which can ensure the same degree of cleanliness and hygiene, but taking a little more time to act.

In the first case, the advice is to spray the product as soon as you enter the bathroom, before cleaning the other parts or the sanitary, so that the limescale melts and just one pass is enough to take it away. Particular attention should be paid to the lower parts, let’s say from half a metre from the ground down, because that’s where the water stays the longest. You’ll then have to pass a soft sponge, or a microfiber cloth over the entire surface trying not to jump over some area, which could form a dull patch.

If your shower has a detachable hand shower, with hot water it will be easy, proceeding from top to bottom, to clean the glass perfectly. This is not always necessary, but if the glass is also dirty from the outside, you must do the same on that surface.

In this case, and when the shower is not detachable, you can help with rinsing by pouring hot water with a container.

Keep in mind that to make cleaning the shower area much faster you can at least partially dry the water after showering, so as to leave less room for limescale.

Cleaning shower glass with natural methods

Vinegar is a very effective anti-scale. Vinegar and bicarbonate used in synergy can perfectly clean almost all surfaces, including those of the bathroom.

The difference between these natural products and those commonly marketed containing chemicals is mainly in the time of action and not in the final result.

Natural products take longer to act, but they serve the same purpose and have no side effects either for the user or for the objects and, a very important detail, not even for the environment.

You can therefore use white vinegar to clean the shower glass.

You can proceed using pure vinegar, soaking a soft cloth and passing it on the glass, but also on the taps and tiles: limescale will not have an easy life and will not form incrustations.

If, however, there is a build-up of dirt to remove, prepare a creamy mixture with white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate and apply it with a sponge on the parts affected by layers of limestone or persistent stains.

Leave it to act for a quarter of an hour and then remove with hot water, rubbing carefully. You can do this periodically, but if the parts are cleaned and dried regularly there will be no need to resort to deeper and prolonged actions.

If you are a fan of natural, non-polluting products, you can prepare your own detergent and have it always ready for use. It’s simple and you don’t need ingredients that are hard to find. In a spray add 100 ml of white vinegar or apple vinegar, 50 ml of alcohol, a couple of spoonfuls of detergent for dishes and lots of water, if possible demineralised, enough to reach 500 ml.

With this mixture, spray the shower glass, wipe a cloth and rinse with warm water: your shower corner will always remain shiny and pleasantly scented.

So far we have not talked about drying the glass, this is because it is generally not necessary. Both the products on the market and those made by yourself, if rinsed well with hot water do not leave streaks. On the contrary, it is easier that a superficial and hasty drying leads to a less perfect result.

You can therefore save this effort without fear.

However, there is a little trick that some people use to keep the glass clean at all times: pass the wet glass with a squeegee brush that, by eliminating the drops of water, takes away the source of the limescale. If you are good with this object, and after all it only takes a little practice, you can use this system between one clean and the other with detergent.

In short, with a good organization and few products and you can manage the cleaning of the shower windows with serenity and satisfaction. A perfect bathroom with very little effort and the room will really be a place of relaxation, where no worries enter, even the most practical ones.