How to activate slimming hormones to accelerate metabolism

Maybe you didn’t know it, but inside your body there are slimming hormones that can help you to accelerate your metabolism and lose weight in a completely natural way, just find out how to stimulate and activate them.

We often talk about detox diets, detoxification remedies, fasting and semi-fasting to free the body from toxins and free radicals. In some cases these tricks can be effective, but in others they are useless and even harmful to your health.

An intelligent and very smart trick is to reactivate the slimming hormones present in your body, by taking the right foods and eliminating those harmful.

What are the tricks of this trade, stolen both from athletes and from people who take care of their fitness and well-being?

Forget the exhausting diets or those that make you lose only water and regain weight in a short time, with the annoying effect, and choose natural remedies that act directly from within.

How to reactivate slimming hormones

Among the first steps to be taken, first of all it is necessary to cut off the refined sugars and eliminate at least half of the carbohydrates.

If you eat a balanced diet with a good amount of physical activity, at least thirty minutes a day, you can lose up to five kilos a week, gradually and without any harmful effects on your health.

Practicing the correct daily physical movement does not necessarily mean spending large amounts of money in the gym, just a walk a day at a steady pace, a lesson in zumba with friends to relieve stress or even a morning run to get rid of toxins.

Going to work on foot or by bicycle, preferring stairs instead of a lift and enrolling in a dance class are tricks to motivate you to move more, having fun.

But now let’s see specifically how to reactivate the slimming hormones that you have right inside your body, asleep from the winter or from a lazy and uninspired behaviour.

First step: stop consuming sugar

The first necessary step is to eliminate from your diet the vegetables rich in starch, the refined sugars included, for example, in commercial fruit juices and sweets.

You must also stop eating cereals that increase the level of blood glucose, preferring a very valuable food as an alternative: quinoa.

It is the seed of a plant that grows mainly in Central America and the East, known to be rich in fiber and B vitamins. Put it in soups and vegetable soups as a substitute for cereals.

Try to prefer whole-grain foods, such as raw rice, as an alternative to processed and refined white rice.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol, limiting yourself to a glass of red wine on special occasions, rich in flavonoids.

The trick to eliminate sugars in your diet is to consume fresh, seasonal, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, forgetting the juices you find in supermarkets and drinking centrifuges and extracts prepared on the spot.

Second step: eat lots of vegetables and lots of legumes

Although it may seem strange to you, it is useful to eat vegetables but it is equally important to know what is the best time in the day to take it, that is, in the morning.

As soon as you wake up, your body is more receptive and ready to acquire all the nutritional properties and energy from the food, but it also manages to assimilate it better, avoiding the sense of swelling.

So, take fruit and vegetables in the morning, perhaps even during a late morning brunch, in the form of centrifuges or steamed preparations.

As an alternative to meat, you prefer legumes that provide your body with the necessary protein in a lighter and more digestible way. Yes to lentils, a precious source of iron and magnesium for women, to be cooked all year round and not only during the Christmas holidays.

Do not use butter in your preparations, but use a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to dress.

Try to gradually avoid bread, pizza, pasta.

Obviously, cut the consumption of fried food, fast food and pre-packaged products.

Step three: set timetables and make sure you eat less

It is advisable to stop eating after 7 p.m., of course this depends on your activities and your work, so consult with your doctor or a nutritionist or a specialist professional.

Step four: a special drink

Water and lemon between meals is a really clever blend that helps you hydrate but at the same time activates your metabolism in an exceptional way.

It’s a refreshing and pleasant drink, add a touch of ginger early in the morning for a burst of energy.

Step five: lead a healthy life with discreet physical activity

Walking at least thirty minutes a day at a steady pace is the best way to keep fit, stimulate your body’s slimming hormones, accelerate metabolism and help heart and circulation.

Leave your car in the garage; prefer public transport or the bicycle and all the ways that allow you to move those extra minutes during the day. You’ll see that in a short time you’ll feel better and your fitness will really benefit from it.