Here you are how much you should walk to start losing weight.

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective exercises, and it could be extremely helpful to improve your health, tone up your muscles and lose weight. Walking is a good method to lose extra kilos. 

But only a handful of people know that if you walk, you can lose up to 500 grams a week or 9 kg in 5 months, without any special diet or extra exercise. 

So, walking helps to improve our health and lose weight, but in order to lose weight you should know the basic principles regarding this kind of exercise. 

First of all, you should have a 15/20-minute walk for three times a week, and then increase the routine step by step. The ideal condition is a 30/60-minute walk every day. This exercise will naturally make you lose weight, with no drastic diet. Of course, you cannot have irregular eating habits, you shall always eat the right amount of healthy food and avoid starving. 

If you want to have a flat stomach or slim legs, go walking and avoid any habit or decision that can lead you to have a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Do not use taxis or buses; just walk;
  • You can bring your children to school on foot;
  • Park your car far from the place where you have to go;
  • You can go home or to your workplace on foot, or get off the bus halfway;
  • Use the stairs rather than the elevator;
  • Some pedometers show how many kilos and calories you lose, and this feature can encourage you. If possible, buy a high-quality pedometer, to record all your steps and burnt calories, to check your progress and improve it;
  • You can change your routine, and walk through different parks, areas, neighbourhoods, etc.;
  • Invite one of your friends to go walking together once or twice a week, in order to make your exercise even more pleasant;
  • You should constantly vary your walking areas and enjoy some natural paths;
  • When it is cold outside, you can use a treadmill while watching a movie or your favourite TV series while walking. 


So, raise your chin, concentrate your eyes, stomach in chest out, straight back, and clench your butt! Your results will remarkably improve.

If you want to know how many calories need to be burnt, consult your doctor, and he will tell you if your body is in good health or not, and how many calories you have to burn. You can also lose weight using your treadmill, but I suggest you use it only in case of bad weather. First of all, learn to use the control panel, and read carefully the user’s manual. 

At the beginning, you can select a default programme. However, if you are familiar with this kind of equipment, try to select a manual programme. Do not forget to configure intensity and incline.