How to clean your house when you have pets

Dog, cat, rabbit… whatever pet you have, you have to clean the house of the filth they make. Those with no animals often think that pets make a lot of mess, but we know that this is not the case. It is more a matter of hairs that are deposited almost everywhere, especially during the turn of the season when they change their coat to better withstand new temperatures.

Sanitize the floor

There are several good products on the market to sanitize floors, designed specifically for those with pets at home. If you however do not particularly like chemical detergents, especially as animals lick everywhere, and if you have kids at home, then I suggest you clean your floor with boiled water, a glass of vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil.  This will disinfect and leave the floors very clean.

Brush your pet every day

This is not a tip for cleaning the home, but you must absolutely brush your pet every day, especially if it is long-haired and during periods of season change. Some animals appreciate this pampering, others a little less. However, there are soft gloves on the market that can be used without upsetting your dogs and cats, and are perceived instead as a caress.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are practically the most important household appliance in homes with pets. It allows you to vacuum all the hairs instead of moving them from one end to the other as a simple broom does. Use it daily on the floor, especially in those rooms where your animals have access. You must however first remove the majority of the animals’ hair with an electrostatic cloth.

Dusting with electrostatic cloths

You can’t lack electrostatic cloths in your home, always stock up when you go to the supermarket. You need them to dust the floor BEFORE vacuuming, as well as for dusting furniture. Normal everyday clothes do not remove hairs but move them.

Use covers on the sofa and on the bed

If, despite your strong conviction to never and ever let your dog or cat (did you really think you could do that with the cat at home?) sleep on the couch, they now lay blissfully on it, avoid any ensuing problems by using couch covers. This way you can prevent stains on the original fabric and hairs from being deposited on it.

Pay attention to the carpets

Especially if you have cats in the house you know well how carpets are for them a great, huge attraction. They use them as a kennel, but mainly tend to scratch them (another reason to keep at least one in the house). You can opt to keep an old carpet somewhere and try to convince your pet to use that as a special place for naps, though it may go to places you forbid, especially when you’re not home.