Thigh circumference, how to reduce it thanks to the right exercises

Thighs are a part of the body where it’s normal to have some fat. However, when this becomes particularly high, many people begin to wonder how to reduce the circumference of the thigh. Often it takes very little to see significant improvements and return to enjoying oneself as before.

In fact, slimming the thighs is anything but difficult, but it requires commitment on your part and this is where we take over, offering you many useful tips for losing weight in an optimal way.

It’s about your diet

I’m sure you’ll need to take care of the food a little bit. You don’t have to follow a strict diet if you just want to lose a few extra pounds. But a little bit of an eye on what you bring to your table is definitely good for you. Try to reduce the intake of fat, prefer lean meats for example and eliminate meats and packaged products.

Meat, fish and eggs try to eat them during the day so that your muscles can use them instead of storing them as would happen in the evening. Reduce the amount of salt, avoid sugar and always prefer fresh fruits and vegetables. In this way, you also start to detoxify yourself from heavy metals!

Thigh circumference, how to reduce it with the right exercises

Start with the race

This is not a specific exercise but if you want to slim your thighs you have to run for 30 or 45 minutes; it is also fine to go to the gym on the treadmill. This way you burn fat without putting on too much muscle mass. 


To tone the legs are among the best exercises. You need to do lateral, frontal, reverse and forward exercises. Our advice if you are not particularly sporty is to start with frontal lunges that are then the most classic. 

You have to get your legs together with your toes in front of you. Place your hands on your hips and keep your back and torso steady, move your right leg forward and bring it to an angle of 45°C. Bend your left knee so that it almost touches the ground. Now lift your heel and give yourself the momentum to return to the initial position. Do 10 exercises on your leg. 


Squat is the perfect exercise to reduce fat from the thighs and firm them up. Start practicing three sets of ten and gradually, as you move forward, increase. Divide your legs to keep your feet aligned with your shoulders, keep your back straight and bend your knees to form a corner. But you need to get up now and not stop. 

Chair exercise

The chair exercise is easy to do and you probably remember it when you were at school, when you were at the gym. If you don’t remember or have never done it, we’ll tell you how to do it. You have to put your back against a free wall and leave your legs apart. 

Fold them until they form a chair at an angle of ninety degrees. In practice, as if you were sitting in a chair, except that there is none and all your body weight is supported by your legs. Stay in position for 6 seconds and then return to your starting position. Perform 2 series of 10 movements each and between them rest for 30 seconds. 

Soldier exercise

The soldier’s exercise sets legs and buttocks in motion but does not strain the back. You have to stand upright with your feet and arms aligned. Raise your foot and bring it up to your pelvis. Tensioned leg and contracted buttocks muscles. Stay in place for 5 seconds. 

As you can see, there are exercises to slim the thighs and at the same time to firm them up, so as to obtain beautiful legs to show. Remember that it is very important to practice aerobic exercises, i.e. go running so as to reduce the fat on the thighs and also obtain the double positive effect of keeping you healthy and defeating inactivity. Nutrition is also important but it is also important to maintain a healthy life, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol can also prevent the formation of cellulite on the legs!