10 tips for eliminating negative energy from homes


Have you accumulated so many things over the years that they are now scattered in a messy way around the house? Well, the time has come to put your house in order! Areas in your house where many objects you no longer use are collected represent a kind of blocked space where energy cannot flow freely, causing a halt to positivity and “good” energy. Packed with boxes, garbage bags and a lot of patience. 

Green plants

Apartment plants are powerful energy boosters. They purify the air, allowing you to breathe better while pleasantly decorating the environment. Some of the most recommended are aloe vera, pothos, ficus and beautiful orchids.

Open windows

Air and pure oxygen are powerful talismans against negative occurrences. If the temperature allows it, open all windows both while cleaning and when you’re done. Fill your lungs with fresh air and visualize an impetuous, clear stream flowing through your rooms and cleaning them non-stop.


Use a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the house. This is strongly recommended by Feng-Shui, the famous Chinese geomantic art that teaches how to live well in one’s own space. The manual gesture of sweeping creates an immediate energy change.

Positive words

Positive words are those that warm your soul and bring a smile to your face. We will like to propose a little trick: every time you’re about to complain, replace the entire sentence with words of thanks. Thanks for who you are, for your family, for the flower that blossomed in the garden or just for the beautiful day.


Do you have broken objects in your house that you don’t want to get rid of because they represent a memory or maybe are of value? Repair them! According to Feng-Shui, each broken object traps negative energy which it then releases into the environment. 


A house with constantly burning incense is a harmonious and balanced house. The fumigation of sandalwood, rosemary and myrrh purifies the environment, bringing peace to our senses. Burn them after a bad discussion or after any unpleasant event or thought.

White sage

White sage deserves a special mention and can be used as a dried bunch or as an incense stick. It is very important from a ritualistic point of view as it is considered one of the most effective herbs for eliminating negative energies.

A warm bath

Negative words are toxic, they enter your skin and influence your unconscious. Purify yourself, as well as your home with a nice warm bath in which you have dissolved a handful of sea salt, a few bay leaves and two drops of essential oil of orange or lavender. It only takes 20 minutes to renew your energy.

Clap your hands

According to the shamans, the gesture of clapping hands has the ability to capture stagnant and negative energy. After purifying yourself with a salt bath, go around the house and clap your hands where you feel heavy air.