7 Best Breakfasts to Accelerate Metabolism and Burn Body Fat

Breakfast with boiled egg

Forget fried eggs or those à la coque: this type of breakfast includes a hard-boiled egg that is a very interesting calorie-burning food, here proposed in the lightest version that there is.

Maybe you didn’t know that models, to fight hunger bites and stand during the day, use to keep a couple of hard-boiled eggs to munch in their purses.

For this type of breakfast, it is important to limit yourself to a hard-boiled egg (not omelettes or scrambled eggs), to be combined with a seasonal fruit, a cup of detoxifying green tea, 25 g of low-fat yogurt, a slice of wholemeal bread and a grapefruit. The latter, in fact, has excellent slimming properties because it burns fat in a completely natural way.

2nd Breakfast with jam

Who said that a good low-calorie breakfast should not also be greedy? The important thing is that you choose a sugar-free jam and possibly homemade and genuine, or organically grown.

 These variants, in fact, are definitely good and tasty, without the addition of additional sweeteners.

Spread the jam on two slices of wholemeal bread or on two rusks, add a glass of skimmed milk at room temperature, a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, for a load of energy and immediate freshness.

You can also eat a kiwi, another fruit with excellent slimming and detoxifying properties.

3rd Breakfast with fruit salad

Another way to enjoy a detoxifying and genuine breakfast is to supplement it with a generous portion of fresh and inviting seasonal fruit. A perfect fruit salad can be composed of banana, kiwi, strawberries, apple and a hint of ginger. Combine a glass of skimmed milk with a slice of wholemeal bread and you will have a balanced and nutritious meal. The morning is the right time to eat fruit that is very sugary and could weigh down during the course of the other meals of the day. 

4th Breakfast with pineapple

Along with grapefruit and kiwi, pineapple is also a fat-burning food that helps you lose weight, cleanse toxins and tone up.

 We recommend this perfect breakfast, consisting of three slices of fresh pineapple, a cup of skimmed milk with crispy cereals, a cup of red tea, and a lean, creamy yoghurt.

Even red tea, together with green tea, has known toning properties, almost like caffeine: add a teaspoon of turmeric and one spoon of honey and you will get a really delicious drink.

 Have you ever thought about it? That’s why pineapple is always present on Christmas tables, dressed up for the occasion: a slice of this exotic fruit is refreshing and degreasing after a hearty meal and also helps you digest it.

5th Breakfast with cheese

This is typical of northern countries where it is very cold, where it is useful to eat a salty breakfast with a little more warmth and abundance.

 This meal consists of a cup of coffee milk to warm the stomach and awaken the senses, an apple, three biscuits and a slice of black bread with a veil of cheese.

 You can choose the fresh spreadable version, which is lighter and more delicious, or a cheese for children’s snacks, rich in milk and protein.

6th Breakfast with cold cuts

This type of breakfast is a mix between the traditional continental and the more northern one, where you can combine sweet and savoury with naturalness. This meal, especially in the late morning brunch version, allows you not only to be very light at lunch and get full, but also to replace it with a fruit, without imbalances and sacrifices.

Choose two slices of ham or turkey, a particularly light but at the same time tasty sliced meat, to be combined with two slices of whole black bread or biscuits.

 As a drink, enjoy fresh natural pineapple juice and a herbal infusion that helps you digest, such as mallow and fennel, plus a hint of fresh ginger.

7th Almond breakfast

Dried fruit is essential for a healthy diet; it is rich in healthy Omega 3 fats, just like fish.

 In addition, a handful of walnuts, almonds or pistachios helps to reduce hunger during the day and is therefore a very smart snack, practical to take with you and very tasty.

 Starting the day with dried fruit is an intelligent way to eat well.

 This idea of morning snack includes 12 almonds or 6 walnuts, some pistachios, to be enriched with a centrifuged or an extract of apple and carrot, two slices of pineapple and a low-fat yogurt with crispy cereals.