5 Healthy and tasty fat burning velvety soup recipes

Velvety soup are the perfect example of a healthy but satisfying dish at the same time: made mainly from vegetables, soup are rich in fiber and vitamins, extremely valuable for our health and well-being, and have a high satiating power, which keeps away attacks of hunger overtime.

Below you can find, specifically, five recipes of velvety fat burners that, in addition to being healthy, are characterized by a really inviting flavour, to lose weight without sacrificing the pleasures of eating. 

Velvety broccoli soup  

Definitely tasty and appetizing, the broccoli soup is a unique dish that satisfies the palate without weighing it down. To prepare it, wash half a kilo of broccoli carefully, cut them so as to separate the flowers and finally cook them in boiling salted water. In the meantime peel a potato, cut it into pieces and add it to the broccoli. 

Once well cooked, drain the vegetables and pour them into the blender. Add one cup of skimmed milk (about 250 ml) and two cups of vegetable broth (about 500 ml). Season with salt and pepper and blend carefully, then pour the cream obtained in a saucepan and boil it. If the velvety cream seems too thick, add a little water or milk until you get the desired consistency. 

Velvety pumpkin soup 

Rich in nutritional properties and low in fat, pumpkin is one of the most popular vegetables of the winter, the protagonist of many healthy and tasty recipes. Among these, pumpkin velvety soup is undoubtedly the simplest and most suitable for those who want to lose weight. 

The ingredients used to prepare it are not many: in addition to a small pumpkin, in fact, you only need two cloves of garlic, a cup of vegetable broth, a tablespoon of white skimmed cheese, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. 

The process is also quite simple: cut the cloves of garlic in half and fry them with the oil in a casserole with high edges. In the meantime, remove the pumpkin skin, divide it in two and remove the central seeds; cut into cubes and pour into the casserole, adding salt and pepper to taste. 

Let it cook over a moderate flame and from time to time check the cooking with the help of a fork: when it manages to pierce the pumpkin without using force, it means that it will be ready. Pour in the broth and, lowering the heat, let it cook for about half an hour. Remove from the heat and pour the mixture into a blender, add the cheese and blend until you get the velvety.

Velvety leek soup

Characterized by a high satiating power, leeks are perfect as an ingredient for a soup that helps us lose weight and that is tasty at the same time. This dish requires no special skills in cooking and is prepared using a few simple ingredients.

Specifically, you will need a large leek to be chopped as thin as possible and sautéed in a pot with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil together with a clove of garlic and a carefully chopped onion. When the fried vegetables are golden, add a carrot, previously peeled and diced, and, after a few minutes, pour a liter of vegetable stock into the saucepan. 

Season with salt and pepper, taking care not to overdo it, and cook for about twenty minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and, with the help of an immersion blender, work everything until you get a creamy mixture. The leek soup can be served at room temperature or, if you prefer, slightly heated, with the addition of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese.

Velvety white cabbage, tomato and celery soup

Rich in taste but low in fat, the white cabbage, tomato and celery soup is the ideal recipe for those looking for a complete dish that satiates and keeps away the attacks of hunger outside the main meals. To make it you will need 1/2 white cabbage, 6 tomatoes, 6 onions, 2 green peppers, 3 stalks of celery, 750ml of vegetable stock and a pinch of salt and pepper. 

The preparation requires first of all to cut the various vegetables: the cabbage will be finely sliced, as well as peppers and celery, while the tomato should be cut into cubes and chopped onion. Pour everything into a large pot and add the vegetable stock until it is filled to 3/4 of its capacity. 

Add pepper and salt and cook over a low flame for at least half an hour, verifying, with the help of a fork, that the vegetables have become tender before removing from the heat and blend everything. Serve the  soup while it is still hot with a drizzle of raw oil.

Asparagus velvety sauce

Asparagus is a vegetable with extraordinary diuretic and purifying properties, characterized, in addition, by a very low calorie intake: it is for this reason, therefore, that they are a perfect ingredient for the preparation of a velvety fat burner. 

In addition to a bunch of asparagus, to prepare it you will need a leek, a potato, 1/2 liter of water (or alternatively vegetable broth in the same amount) and salt and pepper to taste. First peel the potato, cut it into cubes and cook over a low heat in plenty of salted water. Once it has become tender, add the previously chopped leek and asparagus, from which you have cut off the hardest part. Pour 1/2 litre of water (or broth) into the pot and let the vegetables cook over low heat until they have become soft, after which blend everything until you get enough dense cream.