Dating App Blog Dating Advice How Do I Know If My Girlfriend is Just Flirting for Fun? Discover the Signs That She’s Just Having Fun With You

How Do I Know If My Girlfriend is Just Flirting for Fun? Discover the Signs That She’s Just Having Fun With You

How Do I Know If My Girlfriend is Just Flirting for Fun? Discover the Signs That She’s Just Having Fun With You post thumbnail image

Are you wondering if your girl is just flirting with you? You may have noticed that she texts you late at night, flirts with you in general, and often copies your mannerisms. While this is harmless teasing, it is still a sign that she isn’t serious. Read on to discover how to spot signs that she’s just flirting with you.

Signs she’s flirting with you

Some of the signs you may not be able to spot are those she’s receptive to you. You may notice her turning to you or giving you compliments liberally. If she’s describing things about you she loves, you can assume she’s flirting with you. If she’s being silly with you, she might be flirting with you. She may also be imitating your actions and giving you a high-five. Obviously, the context of the gesture is important here, but these signs can indicate that she likes you.

Using nicknames to tease your girlfriend may also indicate she’s flirting with you for fun. Everyone calls each other “Bear,” but she may be using your name in return. If she constantly talks about yourself in front of other people, she might be flirting with you for fun. If you notice this behavior, move on and make your relationship work. There are many signs your girlfriend is flirting with you for fun.


When your girlfriend flutters her legs, she’s flirting. You can tell if she’s flirting if her feet are pointing at you or away. If she doesn’t respond to your jokes or stories, she’s probably having a bad day or is just being mean. Her voice sounds rushed and annoyed. If she doesn’t seem to react to your words, she may be flirting for fun.

Asking questions about things you don’t know is another sign your girlfriend is doing for fun. She’s trying to learn more about you and how you feel. If she asks you questions about things she’s interested in, she’s flirting. She wants to learn everything about you and she’s trying to gain power over you. By asking questions, she wants to know you better.

Signs she’s texting you late at night

Are you a little puzzled about why your girl is texting you late at night? Texting late at night is a sign that she is still interested in you. While most women don’t text this late, some women do, and this could be a sign that she wants to impress you. Whether it’s a sign of emotional instability or just a need to stay up late to text you, it’s always important to consider context.

While you may not want to assume that a woman is texting you late at night to initiate sex, it’s a pretty sure sign that she’s trying to get intimate with you. A late night text will most likely be about a practical matter, like asking when you are free. Or she might be asking you for something later in the week. If she’s chatting with you late at night for a purpose other than sex, it’s probably just a text to chat or share a joke with her friends.

One of the first signs that she’s texting you late at night is that she’s bored. If she’s ignoring your other messages online, she may be distracted by a text from you. This is a red flag. Your woman might be checking her messages constantly all night long, and you’ll have to wait for her to reply. She’s probably thinking about going out with another guy.


Another sign that she’s texting you late at night is that she’s thinking about you. Texting late at night can be a sign that she likes you enough to keep chatting with you all night long. During the night, she’ll probably be thinking about you and maybe want to have a date with you. The sooner you realize that a girl likes you, the sooner you can move on to another phase of your relationship.

Harmless teasing

If you’ve been wondering how to tell if your girlfriend is just flirty for fun, you’re not alone. Many men and women struggle with this same issue. While it can be embarrassing, flirting is a natural part of the human experience. Whether your partner is flirting with someone else is a completely different story. Fortunately, there are some signs to look for that will help you spot when your partner is flirting.

Generally speaking, a girl who wants to date you will be friendly and open. If she’s not, this is because she doesn’t know what you’re looking for in a relationship. For example, if she’s asked you to carry her bag when she’s already carrying heavy books, that could be a sign that she’s flirting for fun. She also may be friendly and interested in you, but she’s worried about ruining your reputation if she’s caught dating another man.

Another surefire sign that your girlfriend is flirting is if she calls you a “babe” in texts or on the phone. Girls often use this term to refer to men, since it sounds more intimate and close to the man they’re talking to. Similarly, if she’s texting you frequently, that’s a good sign that she likes you. And, if she’s making jokes about something that she likes, she’s flirting for fun.

Another sign that your girlfriend is flirting is a change in body language. While men may be able to spot the signs with their facial expressions, women tend to stay close to a man when they’re flirting. She may also try to flirt with you by whispering in her ear. She’ll remain close to you while flirting with you, but will avoid direct contact in some cases.

Copying your mannerisms

Women who copy your mannerisms are a sure sign of attraction. They copy your slang and use words you commonly use. It’s a subconscious way of saying they like you. In the same way, you may notice that she asks you for help on things that are silly. This is flattery. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell if your girlfriend is only flirting for fun.

First, she’ll talk about being single or being the 3rd wheel at parties. She might mention needing a date and ask you out. If you take this as a hint that she’s flirting, you’ll know to take action. She’ll also copy your gestures and may even be flirting for fun.

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